Fire Extinguisher Specialists

We can test, refill & supply all you extinguisher needs as well as check your workplace for compliance


When it comes to Fire Extinguishers, there is no one size fits all solution. Check out the below for gain an insight in the various classes of extinguisher that is available so that you can ensure you have the right tool for any potential situation.

Cylinder testing services offer a full range of new fire extinguishers, with the ability to service, test and refill them.


CO2 fire extinguishers

Class E electrical fires.


Dry powder fire extinguishers

Class ABE.


Foam fire extinguishers

Class AB.


Water fire extinguishers

Class A paper and wood fires.


Wet chemical fire extinguishers

Class F cooking fires only.


Fire blankets

Class ABF smothering fires mainly cooking/stove top fires.

Your safety is our concern

Using a cylinder or extinguisher that hasn’t been recently tested can put you at risk of serious accident or injury.